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Digital Forensics

With growing reliance on technology and the internet comes novel ways of committing crimes. CyberSage is capable of investigating, gathering, and analysing digital forensic evidence to assist in any criminal investigation involving technology, which can include IP theft, murder, terrorism, child abuse, sexual exploitation or abuse, and other criminal activities. eDiscovery is also prominent in family and civil litigation. We also work with your people and systems to help prevent certain types of digital crimes from occurring.

We are also called upon by the legal community and prosecutors as expert witnesses to give testimony on evidence and crimes that involve technology, such as confirming images, audio, or video for authenticity (e.g. falsification of evidence using Deep Fakes or AI technology), verification of data, consulting on cybersecurity matters, and other expert opinions.

Dont risk it, for the best in digital forensics or expert witness services from industry experts, talk to us today.


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