Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to common questions here and if you cant find it let us know and we will be happy to update here.

  • What is Digital Forensics?

    Digital forensics deals with all matter of electronic evidence including things such as computers, laptops, tablets, mobile phones, cloud etc.

    The field is becoming more broad with the evolution of technology and its critical to ensure a holistic approach taken during investigations so critical evidence is not left behind.

  • Do I need a firewall?

    Firewalls are an important component of securing your environment but should not be considered a complete solution on their own.

    Common configurations are for controlling data flow in and out of your network but there are more advanced devices which scan for malware and block advanced attacks.

  • Can you unlock my phone?

    This is a common question and the answer is generally "it depends". Different models and chipsets have different vulnerabilities which may be able to take advantage of to gain access.

    More importantly though, you will be required to prove ownership of the phone before we can look at the device for security reasons.

  • How do I engage a forensic investigator?

    Easiest way is get in touch and we can discuss your situation and guide you on next steps.

    Some matters we can handle directly, others we might advise you to engage a lawyer first and we will work them to conduct the investigation and ensure your evidence is admissible in court.

  • What Is Cyber Crime?

    Cyber crime is generally any crime that involves technology and doesn't necessarily involve your own devices. 

    Classic examples are like ransomware but also could be online bullying, it is a very broad term.

  • How can I get into CyberSecurity

    There are many courses and a lot of them expensive. Personally we don't recommend them as there are many free resources to get you started online.

    Start with the free material and courses and from there you will settle into what area of cyber you want to get into.

    Once you have that more mature understanding of where you want to go, then you can look at formal training courses and invest.

  • What are the costs of a Cyber Attack?

    The costs can be quite large and have forced some businesses to shutdown permanently.

    Costs will vary from professional fees through to potentially compensation claims from your customers and reputational damage.

    Fortunately a few basic steps can greatly increase your security posture without huge expense.