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Expanded media platform unveiled to support Australia’s cyber sector

Australia’s leading source of market intelligence and news for the cyber security sector, Cyber Security Connect, has today rebranded to Cyber Daily.
Cyber Security Connect, in partnership with Palo Alto Networks, has rebranded to Cyber Daily in response to the growing demand for news and information covering the breadth of Australia’s cyber sector. 
Cyber Daily forms part of Momentum Media’s suite of media brands and events that support areas critical to the Australian economy and its security, including Money Management.
The evolution to the platform is consistent with the digital transformation currently shaping Australian business and geo-politics, from artificial intelligence and machine learning, through to information systems, international affairs, and of course cyber security. 
Cyber Daily editor, Liam Garman, said the expanded market intelligence and news platform will help businesses navigate their way through the increasingly complex environment that is cyber space, rather than solely focusing on cyber security.
“No business can escape the need for cyber security. Cyber security is as important for Australian businesses as insurance, HR and payroll systems. But there is much more to Australia’s cyber revolution than just security – which is the major catalyst for rebranding to Cyber Daily,” Garman said. 
“Digital transformation provides the opportunity for businesses to scale their services, which means harnessing emerging technologies at hand, from artificial intelligence through to digitised workflow systems.
“While cyber security will continue to be a core focus of the platform, we are broadening our remit to capture the entire spectrum of Australia’s digital transformation and help businesses navigate their cyber journey.
“Whether its e-commerce, marketing, compliance and governance, finance, or production, cyber is at the heart of the modern Australian business,” he said.
“It also dictates and dominates the economy at all levels, the business operating environment, Australia’s security, and importantly, how people interface with goods and services, obtain information plus how they connect and communicate.”
In line with the expansion of the media platform, the Cyber Security Uncut podcast will rebrand to Cyber Uncut – which was unveiled by the podcast’s co-host Phil Tarrant, director of defence and security at Momentum Markets, with Garman during the latest episode.
The podcast will deliver breaking news and analysis on Australia’s cyber sector, alongside co-host MAJGEN (Ret’d) Dr Marcus Thompson, inaugural head of the Australian Defence Force’s Information Warfare Division and director of Cyber Compass. 
“Cyber security is one part of the Australian economy’s transformation to a digital future, but cyber is so much broader,” Tarrant said.
“Cyber Uncut will offer us the opportunity to speak on areas that matter to Australia: from the latest cyber attack vectors, to quantum computing and even influence campaigns that are designed to manipulate Australia’s security, sovereignty and prosperity.”
“In discussion with Marcus, we will analyse, unpack, interpret, and offer commentary on the utility of cyber and the imperative for Australian business, C-suite executives and company directors,” he said.
“We’ll also view cyber through the lens of the national security environment for Australia and its global allies, its role in modern warfare, plus its positive and negative influence as a vehicle for influence, crime, foreign interference and international affairs.” 
Cyber Daily will continue to deliver the cyber security sector’s premiere events: the Australian Cyber Security Summit and Australian Cyber Security Awards, with other new initiatives soon to be announced.
Held in June, the Australian Cyber Security Summit and Awards brought industry professionals together from across Australia to learn about emerging trends from the Australian government and world leading security providers. 
The event was supported by principal partner Palo Alto Networks, platinum partner archTIS and gold partners AUCloud, Claroty, HashiCorp, Introspectus, and the Department of Home Affairs’ Cyber and Infrastructure Security Centre. 
Palo Alto Networks, the relaunch partner for Cyber Daily, said the expansive attitude towards cyber continues to dominate Australia business, the economy and the security environment, and it was proud to support the important initiative to increase awareness, education, and development of the sector.

“The cybersecurity industry is constantly evolving, and we are excited to see Cyber Daily leading the way in this new chapter,” Steve Manley, Vice President, ANZ, at Palo Alto Networks said.

“Cybersecurity is more important than ever before, and we are committed to providing the best possible security and protection to Australia. As the global cybersecurity leader, Palo Alto Networks is committed to working with our customers and partners and we believe by working together, we can create a more secure future for everyone.”

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